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Instructional Lambada DVD with Berg and Solange

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Lengh: 120min
System: PAL
Languages: English
Producer: The Motion Factory



Lambada is danced by couples to a simple one-two-three rhythm. The steps and moves are a fusion of Salsa, Merengue, Tango and Zouk, coming mainly from Brazil, the French Caribbean, France and Spain.

This DVD is designed for people of all levels of Lambada, from complete beginners to the most advanced and professional. We work on all aspects of the dance, focusing on posture, rhythm, balance and coordination, which will enhance and perfect your technique and add a beauty and grace to your style.

Berg and Solange Dias are one of the most well-known and celebrated Lambada couples in the world, holding professional teaching qualifications from the UK Alliance. Brother and sister, both come from Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil, where Lambada originated. They've been dance partners for 15 years and have taught and performed Lambada both in the UK and abroad for 18 years.

Special thanks

We would first like to thank our parents Waldemiro and Maria Dias for always supporting us and believing in us over the years. We would also like to make a special mention to our sister Magda, who has worked and performed with us from the beginning and whose vibrancy and energy we could never be without. A special thanks also to John Costalas for his never-ending work behind the scenes and for creating the first-ever dedicated lambada website that played an important role in promoting the dance worldwide. And to Anne Towns – one of our first students in London in 1990 and now a true friend.

And of course to all our students over the last 15 years who have supported us, enjoyed learning with us and shared our passion for lambada. To all teachers and dancers around the world – Brazil: Braz, Didi & Patricia, Belinha, Rebeca, Jôse, João Lambadeiro, Sonara, Patricia Cruz, Mario, Sidney, Jabson, Elder and all those from Porto Seguro, Brazil. And Phelipe Miha (Sp), Rodrigo Delano (Bh), Dario Dias (Bh) and Jaime Oroxa (Rj). UK: Karina Padilha, Lula, Jean de Abreu, Geraldo Soares, Giovanni & Marley, Patricia Rezende, Giovanni Santos. Spain: Dansa Brasil, Kellen Nogueira, Daniel & Leticia. Holland: Claudia de Vires, Adilio and Claudio Gomes. Japan: Aochan. Argentina: Gilson Damasco and Romenita.

And finally to Marc Van Newport and his brilliant work producing this DVD.

Dance is the secret to physical and spiritual wellbeing – so keep on dancing!
Berg & Solange

Berg - I would like to take this moment to say that I wouldn’t have got this far if I hadn’t had Solange as my dance partner. She is an exceptionally talented and dedicated dancer and I feel privileged to have been able to work with her all these years.

Special thanks also to my amazing girlfriend Anabel Fernandes-Vieira, who has inspired me and added a passionate sensuality to my dance.

Solange - Special thanks to my wonderful husband Joseph, who has been an incredible support over the years and my beautiful children, who are everything to me. And to God, who has been my guide and comfort.

And finally I would like to say thank you to my brother Berg. What he has achieved over the past 18 years for both lambada and his family is incredible and we owe him so much. I am extremely proud to be his dance partner, sister and friend.